What Is a Spinal Tap

A special test which monitors the fluid that around the brain and spinal cord is known as Cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) collection. CSF is a type of protection which shields the brain and spine from damage. This fluid appears normally clear state. The study is conducted to determine the pressure in the spinal fluid. Even though various methods followed to get a collection of fluid, Lumbar puncture is the familiar method that also known as a spinal tap. CSF investigation can be utilized to diagnose any specific neurological disorders, especially infections and spinal cord or brain injury. It also guides provide antibiotics and anti cancer drugs.

Before undergoing this spinal tap test, the experts will inquire about your past history regarding the medication. Furthermore he clears its doubts about the herbal and other type of natural remedies, the allergies and also if any other disorders. A spinal tap is commonly prepared in the emergency ward in the hospital. A patient will lie towards his side on the bed along with the knees bent which close to their chest as like as a fetal position. The expert can clear the lower back of the patient completely with the aim of preventing an infection in the injection area. An anesthetizing medicine is spread over the skin in the region of needle insertion and hence the patient surely never feels the pain. The next procedure is a sterile or hygienic needle is put into the spinal canal. If the entire process is completed perfectly then the cerebral spinal fluid will come out of the needle and also for advanced investigation the cerebral spinal fluid will be accumulated. Usual cerebral spinal fluid should be clean and also consists of protein, a few cells and also regular pressure. In addition this fluid also includes the glucose.

Never frighten about the pain after the spinal tap process and also the little bleeding in the area of injection which are common for everybody. Do you know that headache is the general complaint of a spinal tap? Most cases feel it within two days of this process. It is advisable that you should take some hour’s rest even though you feel better. The rest is compulsory advice which protects the further leakage of CSF in the region of puncture. Even though this test brings you some discomforts, it is imperative test which shields you from the horrific disease. If any specialist suggests this process, never gets afraid, nowadays it is conducted by the experts of the medical world only. They always guide you to the good life which keeps you away from the sickness.