What is a Spinet Piano

Learning to play any musical instrument must have been a dream to most of us. There are many who take this dream forward, go to the next level of learning and also reach high levels of becoming an expert in their specialized instrument. But for others, the dream just remains a dream forever which could be attributed to several reasons like limited exposure to specialized people in their intended instrument, less affordability to buy instruments and many more. Out of these, the cost of instruments which is not widely affordable by many could be a common reason because to buy a good quality musical instrument, will cost a bomb. You would wish, what if there are instruments which fall in your budget and is yet serve good to learn. Don’t be surprised, there is one, which can be owned by you at a reasonable rate. There is something called Spinet Piano. That should be a piece of good news to you.

A Smaller adaptation of the larger regular piano is the Spinet Piano. Due to its smaller size the Spinet piano has a shortened top, a much slender casing and smaller strings in comparison with the regular full sized piano. Sometimes it is also classified as a type of vertical piano since it has the soundboard and the strings in the vertical or perpendicular direction in comparison to the full sized piano where the soundboard and the strings is in the horizontal direction. 

These pianos have the customary 88 keys in the keyboard, but due to the short length of the keys and also due to the direction of the strings, it is more difficult to play. Sometimes the sound produced is considered to be of inferior quality compared to the other class of vertical pianos due to the above mentioned design features. Since the casing of the Spinet Piano was of much smaller, a different type of mechanism of levers was invented to produce the sound when the keys were played. This mechanism not only brought about a time delay between the strike of the key and the sound produced which was very dull in comparison but also was difficult for the mechanic to repair and tune the piano. Sometimes he will have to disassemble the entire piano for a regular tuning of the keys.

 But in spite of its inherent design limitations people enjoyed playing the spinet piano due to its great advantage that it had over the regular version in terms of space or compactness and the affordability of price. They were also considered as a perfect instrument for people who were learning to play the piano.

These pianos’ were manufactured in the 1930s during the period of the great depression. This was a good alternative for people who had a limited budget and more importantly less space dedicated to a piano. These days due to the tremendous growth of the electronic pianos and also due to its superior sound quality it is very rare to see a Spinet Piano.

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