What is a Splash Page

In layman’s language a splash page is the first page of any website. It is the page that catches the attention of any visitor, gives them a small idea about the website. It also gives the visitor the privilege of choosing the version of website that will work best for them depending on their internet connection. Depending on the web developer or owner of the website the splash page can be used for many purposes.

 Some website owners use the splash page or rather squeeze page to catch information about the visitor, the visitor is welcomed with a small form where he or she is required to fill in. The forms are short and straight to the point so as not to drive the visitor away. Other website owners use flash images of the products they are selling while others put a short description about their profile and products they are selling. The essence of a splash page is to give a look professional look , just from the splash page the visitor will know whether to extend his or her visit in the website or rather toggle to another website.

If you have decided to go for a splash page that briefly describes your company or products then make it look interesting from the colors, graphics to the content. If you have opted for the squeeze page that contains a form then make sure that you only ask the necessary question. Most folks don’t like sharing their personal information therefore just try to stick to the name and email address. As a matter of fact you only need the email address so that you can stay in touch with the visitor.

When it comes to building a splash page or rather the squeeze page as it is known to most folks you only need the right tools. It is not hard if you know what a mouse is, you don’t have to know what HTML is but if you know then to your advantage. The first tip of building a splash page is by understanding the visitor’s interest, most website browsers only visit a website for six seconds before they leave. If you get the interest of the visitor then the six seconds will transform to minutes or even hours on your website. Make sure the colors are attractive and the splash page loads fast.

The next thing you need to do is to put two opt-in boxes in your squeeze page, probably one at the middle and one at the end. This is because some visitors rush to the website just after the first glance at your header while others will first read the contents of the splash page. Lastly make sure that your splash page is distinct from the others.

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