What is a Split Keyboard

Did you ever think that the regular pain in your wrists and forearms could be worse than a just a regular pain and that too because you spend a lot of time typing on your laptop in office? Well the ergonomists and the health professionals have revealed that typing on the regular keyboards for long hours daily can lead to permanent damage to our wrists and forearms due to the awkward position that our arms get into while typing and the pressure on the wrists. But if there is a problem; we have the solution! Split Keyboard, yes it’s the specially designed keyboards for giving your hands that complete natural ease while working for hours together. These keyboards are split from generally the middle to make sure that the two hands don’t cross each other while typing, though a few have been designed with three parts with the number pad being the third part of the keyboard for those who deal with a lot of financial calculations.

The basic modified split keyboard is split from the centre and both the two parts are tilted at a fixed angle to reduce the ulnar deviation leading to reduced discomfort, this simple split and angle design can actually increase the work performance up to 80% The more used and popular of the split keyboards is the completely split keyboard which is split completely into two parts from the centre joined by a thin cable of medium length, it helps the user to adjust both the ends at a comfortable distance and at a comfortable angle without siting in an awkward position which makes him more relaxed during long work hours. Vertically split and Chordic keyboards are also coming in the market according to the user patterns and comforts.

The trend of buying such keyboards is not much at personal level but will be a major hit for corporate users as employers do want to increase the comfort at work for better efficiency and good health of the employees. Getting used to such keyboards is the major hindrance in adaptation to such devices; I believe companies like Microsoft, Fingerworks, Goldtouch should give learning tips and a user CD that guides people to get quickly used to these keyboards. So now if you planning to buy a new keyboard for home or your office use, you know the better choice is a Split Keyboard only today.

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