What is a Sports Hernia

Many of us love to play outdoor games and sports and would never mind spending a day in the great outdoors playing a game of rugby or foot ball or even lawn tennis for that matter. But have you ever realized the fact that you are at a high risk of getting sports hernia? Sports Hernia or Gilmore’s Groin as it is called by some people is a common form of the hernia ailment which is known to affect the lower wall of the abdomen. It is a common ailment faced by sports men and people who undertake activities that involve a lot of swift physical movement.

How people get sports hernia?

The practice of sports listed above results in weakening of the muscles round the lower abdomen and this causes hernia to appear. Anyone practicing sports is susceptible to get sports hernia. The ailment can occur irrespective of the strength of your muscles. This is because the ailment which we know as Gilmore’s Groin has nothing to do with the strength of the muscles of an individual.

A certain type of hernia, known as Inguinal Hernia is known to appear in a fixed place on the body. When a part of the lower abdominal area tends to slip, a tear is created in the abdominal muscles as they tend to get weakened due to consistent sports practice. This leads to creation of a noticeable and palpable bulge of the skin that is seen jutting out. Sports hernia is known to be similar to inguinal hernia in almost all respects. The only difference is the fact that there is no abnormal bulge that sticks out.

Symptoms of Sports Hernia

The first noticeable symptom that a patient of sports hernia will encounter will be a light pain in the abdominal region. This is followed soon after by as pain in the groin area. Sometimes males also experience a pain in the testicles. This pain which is caused by sports hernia is known to get worse when a person tends to cough, sneeze or even bend.

Anyone experiencing the above mentioned symptoms should consult the doctor immediately and get properly checked up. This will help in the timely diagnosis and treatment of sports hernia. As there are hardly any tests that are known to accurately determine sports hernia, doctors are often known to conduct tests that eliminate the possibility of any other ailments that have the same symptoms as sports hernia.

Treatment and Prevention

It is advised that treatment for sports hernia should start immediately after diagnosis as the ailment can soon lead to development of complications. The only proper and effective way of curing any form of hernia is surgery. However, the occurrence of sports hernia cannot be prevented as it is bound to happen in professional sports. Every professional athlete has to endure such injuries even if he or she take extra precautions.