What is a Spreadsheet

MS Office packages are quite popular with those who have to use different means for their work and leisure as well. One of the most popular programs of the MS Office package is known as MS Excel. The Excel Sheet is a sheet where you can create a detailed analytical and statistical report of numbers, figures and stats. You can also do many calculations and derive conclusions and other findings as well. So, the MS Excel is quite an indispensable tool for those, in the fields of commerce and business. But do you know what it is in reality. It is an application that is also classified as one of the electronic spreadsheets. Spreadsheets refer to those voluminous ledgers and accounting columns that you would create to add, subtract and derive mathematical conclusions.

The electronic and digital spreadsheets perform the same purpose. They are developed so as to help you in making those lengthy ledgers and balances for your commercial purposes. Those, who are employed in the accounting and financial management divisions of companies can use the new-age electronic spreadsheets for their convenience. They can add up the costs and company earnings and make detailed accounts and ledger balances to estimate the earnings or profits for the company. Most of the spreadsheet programs are equipped with advanced features which enable a fast calculation of the number and stats which are mentioned. So, most of the tedious calculations of the balances and expenses will be done quickly and effortlessly.

In the field of business and commerce, the digitalized and electronic spreadsheet programs may perform a number of other purposes as well. They can be used by management divisions in companies as well. The managers of companies and business enterprises may be trying to analyze the different models and strategies of business and commerce. To study in detail the advantages and respective setbacks of the economic strategies, they would need some detailed statistical surveys. These surveys and reports can be made with the help of the electronic spreadsheets as well. The managers can compile and organize the relevant stats and figures in the spreadsheets and they can also use diagrams, graphs and mathematical calculations to understand the comparative strengths and weaknesses.

The spreadsheets can also be a great help for the household purposes as well. There are people who have Do-It-Yourself guides for making decks and balconies, or some other big changes. They would need to make some proper and precise calculations so as to determine that the structures are erected properly with all the right measurements in place. But if you want to make some rather complex calculations about the measurements, you should use a good and efficient digital spreadsheet. This will help you to determine the accurate and suitable measurements for the decks, docks and the balconies which you plan to build on your own with the right materials. So, the spreadsheets are also quite handy for all your DIY constructions and tasks.


The spreadsheets were, originally, the sheets of voluminous accounts and ledgers, which were crammed up with entries and stats as well. You can do a much cleaner and smoother job of accounting and analysis with the digital and electronic spreadsheets. Most of the spreadsheets are equipped with facilities which enable you to make your domestic and commercial calculations precisely. These features include graphs, statistical diagrams, quick and easy mathematical calculations and estimates and so on.