What Is a SSD

SSD – Solid State Drive is a USB 2.0 storage drive (also considered as the new kind of hard drive) is based on semi- conductor flash memory. These drives are built around high performance flash memory. These are non- volatile memory and hence the content which is there on the memory will not be lost even when the power is switched off.

Solid State Drives are widely used in a number of products such as laptops, PC’s, mobile devices etc… because of its durable performance, no noise, temperature resistance, shock prevention and less booting time. It uses single level cell flash memory. Some SSD’s supports USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0.  SSD’s are also compatible with USB Mass storage and hence can be used with operating systems. Solid State Drives are much faster and are also less prone to mechanical failures as compared to other magnetic hard drives. These drives are quite expensive and are low in capacity. These are mainly used in notebooks that can be used daily and are roughly used. Some of the benefits of Solid State Drives are well documented, and range from faster boot times and boosts the start of applications which also results in longer battery life of a notebook. Even considering the price, these drives will be seen more and more in the notebooks in near future. The technology is same as that used in USB memory sticks as when a person plugs in into the computer, the drive gets power and the data on the drive can be read or written. Similarly, on unplugging the device, the power is removed and the data remains on the drive. SSD’s differ from USB memory sticks in terms of memory and data transfer bandwidth. Some more advantages of SSD’s include: its lack of moving parts, noiselessness, high performance and reliability as SSD’s can be quickly loaded than HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives), minimum heating problems. SSD’s are having some disadvantages too as these are expensive, it has limited life span, has limited writing Life span i.e. the SSD’s become read only once the limit is reached and thereafter write operation cannot be performed on them. Thus the SSD’s are appropriate memory technology for the computing needs emerging in the field of computing now- a- days. The price drops of SSD’s will be there as the companies will be producing more and more SSD drives as these are becoming popular day by day.