What is a Staph Infection

Staphylococcus is a set of bacteria that is the cause of a few diseases. This is because of the infection of these bacteria in the tissues of the human body. A more familiar name for the staphylococcus is staph. Staph can cause illnesses that range from mild colds and flu to fatal problems that lead to death. The name of staph has been derived from the Greek words staphyle, which means a bunch of grapes, and kokkos, which means berries. The bacteria look like a bunch of grapes or berries and thus, the name of staphylococcus.

There are thirty various types of staph which can cause infections to the human body. These are found mostly in the nose and the skin. These can also be present in healthy human adults. In most of the cases, these bacteria do not cause any diseases. However, when the infections are causes to the skin, the bacteria can overcome the protective barrier of the skin and immunity to cause diseases.

There are certain people who have high chances of developing a staph infection. The infants are one among them. Breastfeeding women and people who have chronic problems like cancers, lung diseases and other such problems. These people can cause contagious infections unless the infection is solved. The close contact with the sores and the skin infections can cause transmissions to the other person. In addition, using the razors and other intimate items of the infected person can lead to spread of the same. However, hugging and kissing the infected person will not have any effect of spreading.

One of the most common diseases that the staph causes is the skin disease. Usually, the skin infections will have swelling and redness but it is very mild in most of the cases. In the serious cases, there is the phenomenon of scaled skin syndrome in which the skin has some serious effects. In some of the women who are breast-feeding, it can cause a swelling in the breast or sore breasts. The staph can also release the bacteria into the breast milk that is consumed by the infant.

Thus, one should be very careful of any symptom, which arises. These symptoms should not be neglected to be normal and common infections. There are medical treatments that can be meted out to the patients. There are anti biotic skin crèmes and oral medicines to relieve the skin itching and other problems in the skin. The women should immediately get the tests done when they experience such symptoms of breast swelling in order to prevent the transmission of the bacteria into the child.