What is a Static IP Address

A Static IP address is the one which is constant i.e. the one which remains the same for a longer period of time and hence no changes are observed in it. Static IP addressing is for one customer on one IP address. Static IP address is assigned to a computer by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to be its permanent IP address on the internet. IP addresses are used to locate and talk to each other on the internet which each and every computer use.

Static IP addresses provide more security and protect the users against network security problems. Static IP Address can also be used with Voice over internet protocols (VOIP). As static IP address supports name resolution, the computers can be reliably reached over the network by its host name or domain name. Static IP Addresses provides more security for the home users against network problems or attacks. Static IP addresses are also used with certain computer and servers as well which results in the enhancement of productivity capacity of the task to be performed on the internet.

If a user wants to turn his or her computer system into a server then also the Static IP address will be needed. Static IP Addresses can also inform the user whenever he or she connects to the ISP. So when the user’s server system is connected to the ISP, others can also connect to the server using the Static IP address which the user has provided Static IP Address to others. These are also used in playing multi user games with others on the network (i.e. the internet).

The Static IP Address has to be purchased i.e. it will only be working when the user connects to his or her account for which the user has purchased the Static IP Address.

Thus Static IP Addresses are only needed when the user has hosted some sort of service (e.g. FTP server, Web server etc…) on the internet which needs a constant IP Address. In case, if a user just wants to browse the internet or just want to upload or download something on or from the internet or is not having any kind of hosting service on the internet then there is no compulsion on using a Static IP Address. Static IP addresses are meant for some kind of premium accounts (may be for ecommerce websites etc…).