What is a Steam Bath

Steam bath is an ancient type of bath practiced by Romans and Greeks alike. It is not possible to deny the positive effects of steam bath. Steam bath helps to improve blood circulation and provide a healthy and relaxing experience. The practice of steam bath has spread across different continents. There exists a marked difference between steam baths and sauna. Sauna creates steam by throwing water in a stove, which is not the case for steam bath.

Types of Steam Bath

Different forms of steam baths are as follows:

  • Steam Showers
  • Turkish baths
  • Steam Rooms

There are multiple benefits associated with steam bath. Individuals suffering from respiratory problems should practice steam bath on a regular basis. It is simply because steam holds the ability to remove allergens and mucus from lungs and result in the overall betterment of health.

Prime Health Benefits

The prime health benefits one can gain through the regular practice of steam bath are as follows:

  • Removal of Harmful Toxins from Body
  • Provide Immediate Relief from Pain
  • Helps to Combat Cellulite
  • Helps to Achieve Mental/Muscle Relaxation
  • Ensure Appropriate Weight Loss
  • Provide Major Boost to Immune System

It is necessary to make a few considerations prior practicing a steam bath. It is always advisable not to stay in the bath for more than 15-20 minutes. Staying in the bath for long intervals can cause overheating as well.

Other Precautionary Measures

The common symptoms associated with overheating include excessive thirst, dizziness, rapid heartbeat and vertigo as well. Every session of steam bath should be followed by a cool-down period as well. It is advisable to take sufficient amount of water and salty snacks to recover the body from exertion. Individuals should refrain from the intake of large meals to avoid adverse symptoms.

Perfect Clothing

The best clothing to wear while practicing a steam bath is a loose, cotton wrap. In other words, one should be prepared to disrobe while practicing steam bath. Tight clothing similar to a swimsuit provides an ideal interference between sweating and temperature regulation and hence is always recommended.

If one desires to gain the perfect result then it is advisable to follow a few tips. One should practice warm water showers before the first steam session every day. One should take every possible measure to ensure that the body is not subjected to sudden temperature changes. It is always a safe option not to make more than more than 2-3 steam showers during each bath. Indulging in a steam bath prior sleep is an excellent means to ensure complete and deep sleep. Steam bath helps to promote restful sleep thus helping one to gain calm and relaxed state of mind. One is guaranteed to find a steam bath extremely helpful.

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