What is a Stenographer

The dictionary meaning of the word stenography is “the action or process of writing in shorthand and transcribing the shorthand on a typewriter”. The word has greek origins coming from stenos meaning short. So, Stenography primarily means method of writing very quickly using short forms.Coming from there, A stenographer is a person who makes using stenography. It is a completely different form of writing than the normal script that we are used to reading. In some places it may be referred to as brachygraphy or tachygraphy or even short hand.

A lot of times its short form of the usual word which is easy to understand by the person who has scribed the text. A stenographer is person who is trained to do this work with dexterity. Stenographers are used in institutions where complete record of the conversation needs to be kept due to the important nature of the conversation. The board meetings or large organizations, legal meetings, legal institutions and such places take services of the stenographer to keep a track of the proceedings and discussions.

Stenographers needs to be accurate, have speed, good knowledge of language, good organization capability as the information they scribe is very important. They need to transcribe, or type, using the shorthand techniques. This includes orders, memos, correspondence, reports and various other types of information. These days software is used by the stenographers to keep a tab on accuracy of the notes.

It may also be considered similar to the work of secretaries. It is completely different work though a lot of times the stenographers have to perform the other responsibilities which are more secretarial in nature than the actual stenography. This happens because the work is specialized but in organizations it is not needed all the time hence they are loaded with additional responsibilities like answering calls and initially handling the visitors to the people in management positions. They may also be given additional responsibility of scheduling and fixing appointments of the senior executives of the organization and primarily working like a secretary to the senior manager. This position has become more or less defunct with the onset of technology. This was more prevalent when there was lack of technology and hence means to record data were only manual. Now with the onset of technology the entire conversations are recorded or even video recorded and hence the job has become less needed though some organizations still use them keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the conversations that are in question. This is because the digital media that is used in present times are prone to interception. So stenographers may never go out of fashion.

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