What Is a Stipend

Stipend is a kind of allowance given by any institute to a student, trainee or a worker. It can be called as scholarship which is offered by an institution to its employer, trainee or fellow under certain circumstances. This stipend is subjected to be utilized by the receiver to carry out its job properly without any problem. Award of scholarship to the deserving candidate helps the candidate to perform its work without any economic scarcity.

Many reputed educational institutions prefer to award stipend to the talented students. This payment is subjected to the qualifications and eligibilities decided by the institute which offers the system of scholarship. Stipend is provided to the students for the completion of their education without any hurdle. They are expected to provide their service to the institution under a contract signed by the candidate.

Stipend is a fixed amount of money paid by any institution to a person as a fellowship. Many educational and research centers run special programs to attain the service of a deserving and high qualified worker for their institute. The management offers good amount of stipend to the candidate to get affiliated with it. The selected person has the right to get the particular amount of money on monthly basis till the date of termination of contract. In this way a student or fellow works as an employee in the center for a fix time period under certain terms and conditions.

A person can be selected for job or training on the basis of stipend through an eligibility test. A merit list is prepared according to the score of candidates who appeared in the exam. Those persons who attain top positions in the test are selected for training or educational program along with the award of stipend. The candidate is expected to utilize the stipend in order to fulfill the requirements of higher education. The amount of money offered by the management body of a center to the candidate is subjected to be utilized properly for the sake of standard education. Generally, the seats for schedule castes, schedule tribes and other backward classes are kept reserved under reservation system for the allotment of stipend.

This system is appreciable and beneficial for those students who are not capable to go for the higher education due to weak financial condition of the family. Award of stipend also make them free from the tension of searching job to make their living. The amount of stipend is much enough itself for a student to fulfill all its requirements along with the investment in studies. In this way, the system of awarding scholarship to deserving candidates facilitates high educational programs.