What Is a Stress Test

Stress test involves the exercises like running on treadmill or pedaling a static bicycle to measure the heart beats at hard working conditions when the heart beats increases. The beats are measured while the stressing exercises continue. The arthritis or any other physical problem to the patent may restrain him to carry out the stressing exercises for stress test then the heart can be made to work harder through certain medications like under exercises, by the doctor. It is known as pharmacological stress test an alternative test for those who are orthopedically unable to go through stress test with exercises.

Stress tests are normally used by the doctors to diagnose the heart problem called Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD) and also its severity. The coronary diseases are caused by the formation of waxy element or plaque produced in the coronary arteries that interrupts the supply of oxygen containing blood to the heart for the proper working of the human body. The plaque deposited in the arteries reduces the passage of oxygenated blood to the muscles of heart. It may also form blood clotting in the arteries which may partially or completely block the supply of oxygenated blood through the arteries to the heart which may lead to pain in the chest known as anginal pain or heart attack which may cause death in sever cases.

The need of stress test is felt because the symptoms of CHD does not get activated when your heart is at rest or not at stressful working conditions. So, the stressing exercises are suggested for going through stress tests to activate the symptoms of CHD, if any. It increases the need of oxygen and the flow of blood to the heart and if there are certain blockages in the arteries the difficulty in the working of the heart can be measured through the heart beats in these conditions. Problems detected through stress tests may show that your heart is not working in good condition and needs care to be taken.

Irregular change in blood pressure or rate of heart beats, chest pain, short breathing even with light exercises, irregular change in the rhythm of the heart are some of the diseases whose symptoms can be detected through stress tests.

There are some other diseases, apart from orthopedic diseases, which can restrain you from undergoing exercises for stress test such as anemia, lung disease, or generally poor fitness. These diseases too show the signs of shortage in blood supply to the heart. Stress tests are also used by the doctors to diagnose the problems in the valves of the heart or other heart ailments.

Thus, stress tests are the process to measure the heart conditions as they excite the symptoms of heart problem because heart needs extra oxygen and blood under stressing working conditions.