What is a Stroke

Hearing the word, “stroke “has become a nightmare for the common people like us. Unlike any other diseases or health problems, stroke is said to be one of the most serious health condition that is reported so far. In simple words, Stroke is said to be a condition that will severely affect the entire mechanism of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Stroke is sometimes known as “brain attack”. It is also known as “Cardiovascular accident” as well. 

The condition called stroke happens if our whole brain or any part of the brain fails to get enough blood supply. Usually there are two reasons that may end up in stroke. One is due to a condition called cerebral thrombosis and other is a condition called cerebral hemorrhage.  In the first condition, blood vessels will not be able to supply blood to the brain or any part of brain because of some clog or blockage in the blood vessels due to the presence of hindrances like bacteria, air bubble etc. Stroke due to this reason is called Ischemic stroke. 

In the second condition called hemorrhage, there will be severe bleeding in the brain due to the breakage of some blood vessels. This is because of the high blood pressure. Both these conditions will result in the failure of the proper supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain cells which in turn results in the destruction of the brain cells and thus causing the hazardous condition known as “Stroke”. A stroke will usually end up in two conditions, one is a paralyzed state and other is the death of the individual. 

If we are successful in identifying the symptoms of stroke on time, there are some chances for miracles to happen.  Some of the symptoms of stroke are blurred vision, some problems in hearing ability, difficulty in breathing, muscle weakness, unwanted confusions, unorganized thoughts, considerable reduction in the level of sensation- both vibratory as well as sensory. But the symptoms may vary from person to person. Many studies revealed that men are more prone to be affected by stroke than women. The major causes for being prone to stroke are the bad and unhealthy practices like alcohol consumption, smoking, high blood pressure, cholesterol level, obesity etc.

So it is better to prevent rather than curing. Avoid the chances of getting affected by stroke by avoiding the dangerous practices like drinking, smoking, unhealthy diets etc. As the chances of stroke are more after the age of forty five, it is desirable to take medical check-ups on a regular basis.