What Is a Subnet Mask  

Subnet mask is the term that is used in IP address of the computer and other devices that are connected through the computer. Every IP address has two different types of component like the network address and the host address. The subnet masks separate the IP addresses into network address and the host addresses. Then after subnet mask additional divide into the host division of the IP address to a subnet mask and the host address. This complete process is known subnet mask for the reason that it is used to recognize the network address. The figures of the subnet mask will explain you like if the original IP address is 216. 3.  125. 000 then the other IP address can be 216. 3. 125. 001 and so on, one more fact and figure like with the subnet mask of can be mentioned as

Subnet mask is made with 32-bit binary number. Subnet mask is mainly used to split the network into slighter and additional well-organized subnets for stop extreme rates of packet crash in a huge or can say large network. By apply the subnet mask to the computer’s address then it is allowing you to recognize the particular network and the node fractions of the address. The range of the subnet mask varies from 0 to 255. The bit of the network is symbolized through the digit 1 of the mask, and node bit are symbolized by the 0 which are commonly indistinguishable to the subnet mask span.

Subnet mask cannot replace the IP address. Mainly subnet mask is used to identify the network. It is helpful for the network ID and the Host ID. Subnet mask is used in the network to recognize the number of host computer and the terminals which are used in the same network, this network may be Local area network and the Wide Area Network. Subnet mask can reduce the traffic in the network and can increase the network speed so people can share and transfer file very quickly and in a very efficient manner. If there are 10 customers who are sharing the subnet mask and if the host IP address is, and will go on for 10 computers. It is very good technique to control the traffic in a network. With the help of subnet mask you can increase your network performance. With the help of subnet mask we can not only control the traffic of the network instead we can also block some websites of Internet which will increase the speed and efficiency. Through the Subnet mask we can also define the host computers on which the Internet should work.