What is a Supercomputer

A Supercomputer is a computer that performs at extremely fast processing speeds. It is a high performance machine that works at almost the highest operational rate for computers. It is considered as a frontline of current processing capacity and especially for the speed of calculations that it performs. It is mainly used for scientific purposes that handle great amount of computations. It is also used in Engineering Applications where very large databases are to be operated and maintained.

Many people consider supercomputers as the computers which are able to perform really fast due to its high processing powers but it is not true. Actually a Supercomputer is a collection of inter connected synchronous nodes due to which it is having such a high processing power.

Supercomputers are a trademark to represent technology to an extreme i.e. the fastest computer that can be purchased but the prices of these computers are far too high for the reach of a normal person. These computers are mainly owned by government for some scientific purposes or for the engineering applications; by very large corporate companies may be for some inventions or for use in research work etc…

One of the main feature of supercomputer is its problem solving. It is having the fastest power for carrying different operational activities. The problems that are really difficult for a person to solve in real time are easily solved by supercomputers and hence play a very handy role in these situations. Many companies are in the race to make different and most powerful supercomputers and are getting succeeded in this. The supercomputers are having different activities and applications which can be performed when needed.

The definition of super computers keeps on changing time by time as each and every generation wants to develop such types of supercomputers which should lead all other computers. Nobody would have thought that the supercomputers are made using only normal parts or components which are available in the market.

Some supercomputers are those computers which perform parallel processing. The advantages of these computers are that it simplifies running a single program across all the processors and also coordinates the data streams efficiently. A Supercomputer channels all its power into executing a few programs as fast as possible. Some of its applications include simulations, complex calculations, high definition 3D graphics and many more which are dependent on fast processing.

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