What is a Swastika

The symbol, ‘swastika’, is one among the oldest symbols known to man. Its religious significance has been associated with the times of the pre pagan religions. There are confusions in the minds of people, as to whether the symbol swastika represents good or evil. It is a known fact that, swastika is considered to be a sacred symbol for the followers of Hinduism all over the world. The word Swastika has been derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Svastika’. In Sanskrit, the term, ‘Svasti’, refers to something pleasant and this is the reason as to why swastika was given such a high place in all the religions that flourished in the Indian subcontinent. There is striking resemblance between the symbol swastika and the Celtic cross that is in vogue among the Christians all over the world. The fact that both Celtic cross and Swastika were known to man before the rise of Christianity, goes on to suggest some kind of connection between the two symbols.

 The Swastika gained utmost importance during the time of the Nazis, when they performed all the inhumane activities under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. It is during this period of time that Swastika began to be considered as the symbol of evil owing to the deeds of the Germans, who represented this symbol as their emblem wherever they went. Even during the course of the World War, brave warriors were honored with iron crosses or Swastika as a mark of respect for their brave deeds in the field. Thus, the confusion still continues to remain as to what exactly is the source of the Swastika.

 Historians claim that Swastika has been known to the Human race for a period of well over three thousand years. One would be surprised to know that civilizations like the Indus Valley civilization that date back to the times of 2600 BC, also made use of ornaments and other structures which where shaped in the form of  Swastika. If the exact meaning and the significance of the Swastika is learned about, remarkable feats can be achieved in the field of archaeology as the archaeologists can then establish relationships between different civilizations that flourished almost at the same period in history.

 It is said that the two arms of the Swastika stand for the balance between the two worlds namely, the physical world and the eternal world. Some experts are also of the opinion that this symbol goes on to talk about the perfect balance that one should bring about in his life with Mother Nature.

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