What Is a Sweetheart Neckline

Neckline is the top of the upper garment that goes around the neck, hence the term neckline. There are various kinds of neckline, the primary ones being plunging neck, boat neck, off-shoulder, one shoulder, halter, keyhole, surplice and sweetheart. We will be talking about the sweetheart neckline in this article.

The sweetheart neckline is typically two curves that curve and meet in the middle of the bust area. This type of design has been around for many years when it comes to ladies clothing. This gives the neckline a heart-shape. It is good to ensure that the bust is covered adequately, while still keeping it a little revealing to ensure that the figure gets its due attention. It is considered more graceful when compared to the deeper necklines and the box type necklines. IT is impossible to tell as to when and how this type of neckline was started or introduced in the women’s clothing though it has been claimed that necklines of the renaissance age in Italy were the first true sweetheart necklines. There is another theory that 18th century French designers were first to create the attractive contours of the design. Yet another theory is that these were first seen in the court of Isabella in 15th century. Irrespective of the place of origin, the design has been integrated in the ladies clothing for centuries and has been here to stay.

The neckline is more often used in the wedding dresses. This is one of the things that separate the bridal gown from the gowns or dresses worn by the other members of the party. Since its not too revealing and yet showing the curves it is considered ideal neckline to enhance the beauty, attractiveness and the appearance of the bride. There are hardly any men who don’t find the sweetheart neckline appealing to the senses.

In addition to the wedding dresses it is also used for formal gowns. Stage costumes have been found to be liberal users of the sweetheart neckline. Many necklines or fashions come and go and yet the sweetheart neckline has remained a favorite in ladies formal wear. It can be said with complete confidence that no other neckline provides such a beautiful combination of visual appeal with practical coverage. No doubt its stood the test of time and there the way it has retained its position of favorite among the fair sex it can be easily inferred that it is going to be there for coming centuries.