What is a Tariff

A word that came from an arithmetic table of 17th century has now become more common than humanity amongst us. A ship entering a US coast or a box of chocolate that we all love to eat or even a bottle of liquor ,all are a contributor towards the nation in make and its contribution is defined by just one word i.e. Tariff. The U.S Federal started tariff even before the US constitution was formed to earn revenue for the government which is now the biggest source of revenue for any government all over the world. At times in the name of octroi, at time in the name of toll or customs tariff is laid to us at every step.

It is tariff that makes a bottle of wine so expensive in my state and so cheap elsewhere. No matter how unwilling we pay for it, tariff is the bread maker of the government and all the projects, walls, roads, dams and projects that we see around us are all standing tall because of the tariff we pay with a frowning face. The Hamilton tariff or the tariff Act of 1789 is where from the whole pain yet gain started in the new federal government of the United States.

At that point of time the tariff rates were 5 to 10 per cent of the items price. However it is one of the major factors that ignited the civil wars. On the one hand where tariff introduced was making the northern bread makers richer, on the other hand the southern farmers of the US were suffering from high expense-onomia which was making living hard for them. Be it the tariff law of 1909 or the Hamilton tariff law of 1789, it has always been remorseful for the mass not to mention that the indirect benefits of the same are numerous. What tickles my brain cells is how justified is this tariff?

As with such present tariff regulations are we really developing as a nation or just filling the coffers of people who are running around in private jets and those who are actually making this government. And my heart quite condoles my logic by reminding me of the joke-“the government that steals of sum to pay Hudson can always depend upon the support of Hudson”. All the time that I took to write this article, countries like US or Russia or even India just made a few crores from tariff and I suddenly feel like quitting this job and becoming a Tax collector officer instead.

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