What is a Tea Towel

Most of the women feel kitchen very close to their heart and so for the kitchen accessories. Every day some or the other thing keeps cropping up in the market which has both utility purpose and also serves as a decorative showpiece. This tempts the ladies to shop for things to enhance the looks of their kitchen.

Tea time is always considered a special time in most of the houses to sit together with a sip of tea. But did you know that tea time could be made more special with the use of tea towels?  The term “Tea towel” originally came from England which refers to the type of the towel that is been used to dry up the cutleries and serving dishware at home. Tea towel is generally made of linen which is lint free, which makes it easier to absorb water well and also keep the chinaware or other delicate dishware away from the risk of getting scratched. There is also affordable cotton ones available which can be used regularly in the kitchen.

When it comes to towel, one must not get confused between a tea towel and a normal kitchen towel or a dish rag which is used in dishwashing. A tea towel is always supposed to be kept clean and dry and washed in regular intervals for the prime reason that it is also used in covering fresh food or the tea pot to avoid heat loss. In Indian houses such towels are used for covering the bread and then kept in a hot box to be had warm and fresh.

 Where decoration comes to perspective, the usual practice is to spread tea towel over the tea tray to clean up any spilled tea or milk. Such decorative tea towels are also available in bright colors with embroidered designs made on them which could as well be used to cover any food that needs to be stored and kept hot. They are also just hung on walls to improve the ambience with its beautiful prints which could be anything between famous people, natural sceneries or some country themes.


In nations like Great Britain and Ireland who are known for their tea, such tea towels have also become a part of souvenirs that are kept for sale. This leaves us with another wonderful homemade gift idea. Isn’t it? Women with creativity skills can decorate such towels with their own imagination and gift them to their friends and folks which will stay as an ever memorable gift.


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