What is a Teaser Trailer

Imagine the rather usual sight and spectacle. You are in the midst of a darkened movie theatre and you are about to watch a movie. But for most of time, you look forward to the interval. This is because you would want to chomp on burgers and popcorn. This is also because you want to watch out the teasers and trailers of the upcoming films. You want to watch these teaser trailers, because you want to come again to the darkened theatres and watch yet again another movie. And then you would also want to see the next set of teaser trailers again. And this is how the entire thing goes on and on.

Ever since the time of the talkies, the teaser trailers have been the quintessential feature of the movie theatre experience. The trailers would begin right away before the main reels would start rolling. The purpose of the trailers has been pretty much the same all through these years. The teasers are meant to introduce a new film to the dazzled audiences. A teaser trailer of a new film would feature moments and clips from the film. There would be dialogues or sequences, which would explain a basic outline of the plot of the film. Often, the trailers would also be accompanied with a narration and audio commentary, on the cast of characters and the plot of the movie as well. These features would often enthrall the movie-going audiences.

The teaser trailers have become more glossy and colorful with the innovations in technology. Countries like USA, India and China are some countries, where films are exceedingly popular. Here, the respective film fraternities like Hollywood and Bollywood spend a lot of money on films featuring actors and produced by big production houses and banners. Advertising through media like TV, Radio and Internet play a key role in making films more successful than ever. The promos or teaser trailers of the big budget films are often shot and made with a lot of money. So, the producers intend to make money out of their advertising methods as well.

But teaser trailers are different from the screenings and previews at the big film festivals and other such occasions. The screenings are for introducing the film to the critics and other such audiences. The teaser trailers are primarily meant for the masses, which go to theatres.

Of late, a lot of creativity, imagination and money is being spent on the ad campaigns. The focus is not merely on explaining the plot to the audience. It is also on creating an aura around the film. Films with stars and razzle-dazzle are usually advertised in teasers, which have a lot of color and attractive designs. In this way, making teaser trailers has become a full-fledged means of making money through the films produced for people.


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