What is a Teleconference

Teleconference is kind of meeting held through telephone or any network correlation among people located in different places. Corporate sectors work in multiple places where they need to connect by conducting meetings on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.  Teleconferences are placed by such corporate sectors with precise agenda or any other physical meetings. Such meetings are time saving and cost effective. Matured teleconferences invest in swapping of audio, video and data’s.  Teleconference can be placed in different options in this corporate world.

I remember those days when we used to make big lists of discussion points that stayed pending for longer period waiting for the meetings to take place to discuss these issues. Thanks and appreciate telecommunications and internet the most familiar teleconference modes. Accessibility is the most important feature of teleconference. People in different countries can also participate in meetings held through teleconferences. Hence to carry out winning communication at the most cost effective, conferencing services are the finest choice available now-a-days.

We are no way chocked or held up in conversations while negotiating with clients, when there is an option of taking the decision maker on the conference call and close the deal. Consequently teleconferences have proved as good as face to face meetings. Besides we can have such meetings with short or at times with no notice. There upon huge companies abroad use teleconferences as significant tool to throw sales.

Resources strongly influence in teleconferences. As decision takers, stakeholders and many important positions of the company take part in teleconferences, it is always a better practice to check the correctiveness of the equipments used to place teleconference. For example, when you schedule a teleconference on web you need to verify internet connectivity and web cameras. Maintain background silence, stick to agenda and make it a successful meeting. Internet provides lot of teleconference applications that can be run over private networks. One such application which was introduced first was “netmeeting”, developed by Microsoft. Online whiteboards can be shared among the participants in the meeting.

Three fundamental types of conferencing are:

  1. Dial in-Well in advance participants will be informed of pre-designated number and they sign in.
  2. Reservation less: This is most popular automated conference service available today. People in sales use this mode often, as conference can be placed any moment with this service.
  3. Operator assisted: Giant companies who conduct top level management meetings prefer this kind of conference service. This is pretty expensive.

Before investing, take references and pick the best suited one. “Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.” So act on meetings by drawing deadlines to make it effective.

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