What Is a Treadmill Key

A treadmill key is the safety feature in the device provided to ensure that the tread mill will not operate unless the key is inserted and turned. These come with the treadmill at the time of purchase and are different for each model. They come in different shapes and sizes and some are magnetic also. The magnetic treadmill key is designed for fitting into the console. It provides protection to everybody including the user. If by mischance you happen to lose the key, you cannot operate the treadmill until you get the correct replacement.

 The treadmill key along with its clip has to be carried along safely without losing it. The key is fitted on the console before you start your workout on the treadmill. The key is locked on to the treadmill while it is in operation and can be taken out by switching off the treadmill. In some other arrangement the key is removable, but when it is removed while you are having a workout the walking belt will come to a stop automatically because the treadmill cannot be started without the key. Children and pets will not get injured if by chance they jump on to the treadmill and starts operating. 

 If the treadmill key is lost, you require another as replacement, it has to be identical to the one you have lost and can be got only from the manufacturer of the treadmill. The duplicate you get will be identical to the original in all respects including the color. All manufacturers stamp their emblem on all their products and tread mill also come keys come with such an emblem. 

 The universal key is one which can operate on any model of treadmill and it is usually not given to any purchaser of treadmill. The dealer may be given one for use of service personnel who goes out for the servicing of treadmills sold to different people. Model specific key as replacement can be purchased from any of the online retailers and also the local retail outlet store.

 Details such as model name and number, and serial numbers, year of purchase etc; will have to be given to get the correct duplicate key. Providing such information with the service department of the manufacturer will get you the fastest possible service. Replacement either free or chargeable is as per the discretion of the manufacturer. If you are buying a retailer it is useful to ensure that you are not being charged more than the prices fixed by the manufacture. You have to make sure that incase the replacement supplied does not fit on the treadmill you have the option to return it and get a free replacement of correct key.