What is a Tumor

Tumor is a term that we hear very often. Tumor in simple terms would mean a mass of tissues. It is in fact an overgrown mass of tissues which is a result of an abnormal growth in the cells. People might often use tumor and cancer interchangeably. But not all tumors are cancerous though a few can be. The non cancerous tumor grows in a rate much slower than the cancerous tumor. The cancerous tumor can spread to other parts of the body and cause damage to the various organs.

Generally the tumor cells die when the body does not need them anymore. With the end of the tumor it is not necessary that the cells also die. These cells continue to stay in the body and increase in a very fast rate. Various environmental factors, age, eating habits and genetic habits can lead the tumor to grow in the human body.

Tumors can be classified into various types. This classification is done on the basis of the cancer that they carry. The classification can also be done on the basis of how the tumor looks under the microscope. The tumor grade system is used to classify the tumors. These grades are also of two types, these are the historical grades and the nuclear grades.

The treatment of the tumor will also depend on the type of tumor it is. T find out if the tumor is cancerous or not a part of the tissue is removed from the body and sent to the pathology lab for a biopsy. But only knowing the kind of tumor is not enough to treat it well. There are certain other factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

The patient’s health, age and gender play an important role in determining if the tumor is curable or not. Moreover it also depends on how large the tumor is and in which part of the body the tumor exists. The grade of the tumor will show how aggressive the tumor is. Based on the grades the treatment may become easier.

The different kinds of tumors are treated differently. Each tumor will have its own symptoms and causes. The risk factors involved with each of the tumors will also differ. Hence a proper diagnosis of the tumor needs to be done before the treatment begins. In fact after the treatment too there are various factors that need to be kept in mind for it to not return. Even with the same kind of tumor the treatment may differ from person to person. Hence the pre treatment part becomes extremely important in the case of tumor.