What is a Tunic

A Tunic is a typically a loose garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to knees. Worn typcailly as a night wear or easy day wear at home, the tunic comes from clothing worn originally in ancient Greece and Rome. This is typically loose and preferred choice of women. When worn outside, it is generally worn over a skirt or trousers.

The word tunic comes from the Latin word tunica which was worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome. This was also based on earlier Greek garments. The Roman tunica was generally worn by citizens and non-citizens alike, though there was a variation of how the citizens and non citizens wore it. Citizens mostly wore the tunic under the toga and these were worn primarily on formal occasions. The status of the wearer was the key factor in determining the length and width of the garment where in the better status meant longer length of the tunic. Soldiers, slaves and manual workers , who had to do the hard work, generally wore short tunics for easy maintenance and ensuring ease of mobility. The romans of higher ranking and status did wear short tunics but these were for special occasions and while riding horses.

Today the tunic is worn primarily by the clergy and people of any religious matters, but worn primarily in the west. This is primarily down to the feet but it is thought to be a complete take off from the roman tunics. ‘Tunic’ may also be the name given to coats worn by military and police personnel However these are most of the times close-fitting, owing to the nature of the work. Women wear them mostly for sports or exercise, for which their tunics come down to mid-thigh. These are quite popular with women. Another variation of tunics can have sleeves and are worn rarely in the cooler climes. One is less likely to come across these types of tunics. It is one of the most versatile apparel option available to the women today due to its comfort. Worn correctly, it is very adjusting and forgiving. It can be worn in most of the weathers excluding extreme cold and can be worn with sandals paired with bare legs or with skirts or trousers. Women with a defined waist the tunic will give them a pretty hourglass shape. Women with heavier bodies can wear the rauche style as it tends to hide the body flaws.

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