What is a Type A Personality

Friedman and Rosenman identified Type A Personality in the year 1974. Type A Personality is a commonly referred term used these days. Type A Personality is primarily a set of characteristics that is responsible for a person exhibiting certain behavioral aspects. The behavior exhibited by the individual results in a few consequences as well. One needs to understand the fact that Type A personality traits can affect our health adversely and it is possible to manage such personality traits by adhering to a few aspects. It is possible to divide type A traits into different characteristics including aggression, impatience and competitiveness as well. There is little doubt about the fact that type A personality is a real force to reckon with. Type A Personality primarily features controlling nature, time conscious, high amount of stress, impatience and perfectionism.

Tips to Follow

If in the case one is concerned about the characteristics exhibited then it is necessary to take into account the below-highlighted aspects:

  • Manage Anger Appropriately
  • Learn the Art of Stress Management
  • Redefine Definition of Success
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Develop Listening Habit
  • Learn Stress Management Skills
  • Resolve Conflict Effectively

Type A Personality also holds a few negative aspects as well. The negative effects take a real toll on the personal health and lifestyle of an individual. A few of the negative aspects experienced by Type A Personality individuals include job stress, hypertension and heart disease as well. High blood pressure is a common occurrence among “Type A” individuals. A documented research reveals the fact that as many as 84 percent of individuals suffer from Type A characteristic.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics associated with Type A Personality individuals are as follows:

  • Appearance of Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Facial Sweating
  • Facial Tension Including Clenched Jaw and Tight Lips
  • Teeth Grinding and Tongue Clicking

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, others include strong achievement orientation, certain physical characteristics and competitiveness as well. Type A personality people are highly competitive and hold a burning desire to excel in everything they try to do. It has been observed that men and women experiencing Type A Personality becomes hostile and impatient even at the slightest of incidents.

Such individuals become disappointed and rude even at the slightest of minimal difficulties. Such individuals are expected to possess a short fuse. There hold a never-ending desire to drive themselves towards the best. Individuals exhibiting Type A Personality find it extremely difficult in case of public speaking. They find it a real problem to deliver dynamic presentation. The study related to Type A Personality began as long as 50 years ago. Individuals exhibiting the above-mentioned characteristics are sure to suffer from Type A Personality problem.