What Is a UPC Code

UPC is an abbreviated form of Universal Product Code and it can be commonly familiarized as bar code. This can be seen on the packets of products that are sold in and around North America and also in countries like United Kingdom etc. This unique and specific bar code although looks like simple bar signs yet stores very important information. This barcode symbology is mandatory to be applied on all goods along their sides. From edible to non-edible items and from simple home appliances to digital products involving high technology, you would definitely come across these bar codes on all the products.

Whether you are planning your dinner and want to buy hamburger meat or other items, you sure would notice them on each of the products that you buy. These barcodes have important information which is stored inside them and a professional is easily able to decode them and understand. But for a non-professional also it is not a very difficult task and if you learn about them you would be able to decode them with as much ease as they do.

Generally scanner is able to decode these barcodes but with some learning you may be able to decode them even without the scanners. Every item that is displayed on the racks of the supermarket market possesses these UPC Code which lies just adjacent to the barcode. They are machine readable and hardly make any sense to the buyers. It is at the payment counter that theses UPC codes are seen to be scanned with the help of a machine.

The UPC Codes comprise of 12 digits and the first six of them denote the vendor. Retailers need to purchase these UPCs and attach them to their products for quick identification in the market. The markets and retailers are numerous and the Universal Product Code assists in sorting the products across them easily and instantly. They consist of digits as well as bar code which comprises of codes made up of 7 bits.

These help in the representation of each digit in the correct sequence and this sequence fir the UPC Code add up to 30 bars. This figure includes both the starting as well as the ending bars. Interpretation of these codes is dine through a digital bar scanner and then matched with the provided database for a quick check.

The UPC Code has a definite height of 1 inch and length of 0.013 inch. The height and length both can be both enlarged or reduced by as much as 200%. This would not affect its reading and they can still be read and interpreted easily with the help of digital scanner.