What is a UPC Symbol

On packages of different objects we often see a series of both thin and thick lines, which are known as UPC symbol. The UPC symbol is also known as bar code of the product and you can read the code using laserscanners only. The symbol was first introduced by a grocery industry in the year -1970. Legend says, the first item that has been scanned by this bar code reader was a chewing gum pack. At present, UPC symbolizes Universal Product Code, an authorized means of learning the particular description of the product and to identify its manufacturer easily. The symbol helps the retailers to keep record of the products they receive from same vendors and manufacturers. A manufactured is identified by the first five digits scanned on the Universal Product Code. The specific product is recognized by the rest of the code.

The importance of UPC:

With the inception of UPC symbols the manufacturers have been able to reduce the extra cost of individual pricing of several products. It has also increased the speed of the check out lanes. With its growing popularity people have now been able to feel the importance of this computerized code to handle several trade related issues. It is has been quite easy to protect a product from hackers using the codes. There are few retailers who are now providing personal UPC symbol separating it from present UPC codes. However, they can use the codes for specialized products only. In order to retail normal products they have to use the present codes only.

UPC code structure:

UPC code or barcode has a special structure that has been designed especially for the vendors and retailers to recognize the products they are dealing in. The codes include twelve numeric codes. The first digits identify the particular system of numbering that is being used for the following purposes:

  • The digit 0 stands for regular code of UPC.
  • #1 symbolize reserved products
  • 2 will signify weight item that has been marked at the store.
  • 3 stands for national health related items.
  • The number 4 is being used to specify non-food and in store items.
  • To use on coupons the code include the number 5
  • Number 6, 8 and 9 consecutively stands for again reserved objects.
  • No. 7 symbolizes general UPC codes.

UPC codes for smaller items:

To retail or to trade in small products the retailer often use the UPC codes. The code that is being used on small products is a kind of compressed barcode. The compression is done by squeezing the additional 0 out of the intended bar code and them again re-inserting it in the scanner automatically. The barcode that contain zeros are the contender of that particular barcode

Using UPC codes or a barcode is an easy and safe option to trade in different products. It helps both the manufacturers and the dealers to manage their business properly.

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