What Is a US Marshal

A US Marshal is a unique position in federal judiciary system. Those US Marshals, who are appointed by the president of the United States, are in control of the various activities of around 94 districts. The backbone of this agency is formed by Deputy Marshals as well as Criminal Investigators in excess of 3200. A US Marshal needs to look into the functioning of the federal judiciary system. He also has the responsibility of protecting and facilitating the operations of the system. For having smooth governance, the US Marshals needs to carry out the following tasks:

The US Marshal Service makes available round the clock protection to the entire ambit of witnesses if they are feared to be in a threatening environment. This can include pre-trial conference, testimonials or appearances in courts for various reasons. In short the US Marshals help in fulfilling the legal responsibilities around them. One of the major works the US Marshals have to carry out is apprehending the fugitives. For this, they work side-by-side with local, state and federal authorities. The US Marshals have had great success when they apprehended 36,600 or more federal fugitives. In the last year itself, the US Marshals had cleared 39,700 warrants. The Marshals have the job of arresting foreign fugitives in the United States as well. The role reverses for the Marshals at times.

The US Marshals may even need to locate the US fugitives who have fled away to foreign countries. Offices at Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica help the Marshals in the cause. US Marshals also need to transport and manage prisoners. Actually the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System or JPATS, is the largest prisoner transporter in the world which is looked after by US Marshal Service. On an average the JPATS works on as many as 1000 requests on a daily basis, when it comes to moving prisoners from judicial districts to correctional institutions or even to foreign countries.

As a citizen of the United States, you can be a US Marshal. However, you have to have a legal driving license, a first-rate physical state and be able to complete the required interview. A US Marshal should be respected for his service to the nation. Just because of persons like him, we become able to live our lives in a peaceful manner. The job of a US Marshal is quite risky. One can lose life in the blink of the eyes. This career is not for the ones having a weak heart. You should go for this career only when you have the guts to face fatal incidents on a day to day basis. We should salute those guys who risk their lives to protect us and the national interest.