What Is a USB Router

Router is needed to link several computers together into a network. It is considered as a type of networking equipment. Routers are used for interconnection among computers within the network and also allow sharing of other resources. Routers used for wireless Internet and local area network allow multiple devices to connect with a particular hardware or network.

USB router is used to share the internet connection among a number of computers. While routers are also useful in connecting multiple devices conveniently, the user is then not left with enough USB ports for every piece of hardware the user needs to work with. In these cases, USB routers also come in use. The user may connect a USB hub or connector to the router to add a USB port and extend its hardware device quantity capacity. It is used in places where modems do not have Ethernet connection.

Mostly the cable modems are having an Ethernet port while in some cases the cable modem offers only a USB connection. In case of Ethernet port, it can be connected either directly to one computer or to a router. The router then provides Internet access to a number of computer systems and is mostly done with wireless connection but in case of USB connection, the user can connect a computer and can use the wired connection only (depending upon the choice of the user).

In most cases this cable modem will have an Ethernet port. This can either be connected directly to one computer, or to a router which can then provide Internet access to multiple machines. In most cases this will include wireless connections. The USB cable modem is not sufficient if the user wants to connect to a number of computer systems or if the user is more comfortable with a wireless connection.

USB router is also used for the devices which shares the internet connection with other machines wirelessly while connecting to internet through computer. This method is not flexible as it requires the computer to be turned on and connected to the internet all the time or if the computer is switched off the other machines also suffers as they are also not able to get online.

Thus the main function of the USB router is to connect to the cable modem via USB rather than Ethernet.