What is a VGA Driver

VGA in the term VGA Driver stands for Video Graphics Array. VGA driver is a type of device driver that controls a VGA video device. It is located on the computer. Most of the computers are pre- installed with this device while the computers which are not having this device can get it assembled afterwards also. Basically a driver is a type of application software (software is categorized as application software and system software) which runs between the operating system and the hardware so that it can control the data that is flowing between these two. Any peripheral hardware attached to the computer is always controlled with the help of a driver. VGA driver is native to the operating system while some drivers are written by the device manufacturer and are specific to that particular device and cannot be used to control other devices.

VGA standard was introduced in early 1990s and at that time it introduced a 640 x 480 display resolution (means it supported a monitor that was able to display 640 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically). It was one of the first graphics video display standards. Super VGA came into existence in mid 1990s and replaced the simple VGA standard. Some other standards which came in existence later were EGA (enhanced graphics adapter) and Extended Graphics Adapter. Now the resolutions of at least 1024 x 768 and capabilities up to 1600 x 900 display resolution is available and is used widely.

The latest VGA drivers have removed a lot of problems which were caused by earlier VGA drivers. Some of these problems which were removed were:

Compatibility of the driver with operating system is notified before installing the driver. Blue screen of death (BSOD) was fixed which was quite common in earlier versions. Performance was improved while playing blue ray drive. Support for 3D robust performance was introduced. Improved the dongle performance in Display Port.

VGA driver is a part of every Microsoft Windows based computers. Most of the logos of the operating systems which are displayed at the time when no drivers are loaded are displayed only with the help of VGA driver. VGA supports only a 16 color mode and a 256 color mode. Now the VGA drivers have become obsolete and many drivers have advanced in these fields are acts as a replacement for VGA drivers. These drivers are now the least common used drivers for displaying video content.

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