What Is a WAN Port

A WAN port is the portal (Web portals provide users with functionality such as search and navigation capabilities and information management) by which information passes back and forth between the LAN and the WAN.

The Wan port is mostly found on a network router. A home router consists of one WAN port and four LAN ports. In home and small business, a WAN port is basically an Ethernet port which is placed on the router and it is wired to its counterpart port on a cable or DSL modem. In Large enterprises, a WAN port may be linked with some wide area network service.

The connections (for the WAN port) are referred to as uplink connections. This port is taken from a high speed Internet source (which can be a cable modem) and is spited in to multiple machines inside the home network. This port appears to be a rectangular hole on the back of the device. A network cable is plugged into this port. WAN port is a bit far from the other ports such that it can easily be identified and network cable can be easily plugged into it. The appearance of the WAN port is similar to that of LAN port.

The WAN port takes information as an input from the outside network or from the internet. The inputted information is filtered through the router’s firewall (internally placed in the router) and the routing system. Then this information is accurately sent over a wireless connection to a wireless source or to the required LAN port.

WAN port makes it possible to connect a number of computer systems over the internet connection. The LAN wire which is inserted into the home modem is inserted into the WAN port (which is there on the back of router and that router normally contains 4 LAN ports) and the other computers are connected to the LAN ports of the routers. This makes it possible to connect to different computers over the network.

A 1 WAN port router is sufficient for a home network while in business network, multiple port WANs are used. This configuration also depends upon the hardware one is having. The installation now- a- days is being made easy for the home users with the help of software’s available with the routers.