What Is a Water Theme Park

When summer approaches, you feel like staying in the backyard pool for an extra hour. Believe me you also crave for trips to the beach and swims in the cool waters. But aren’t such adventures a bit old fashioned? You go to the beach every summer and your kids would probably be tired of digging sand castles and looking for shells. You would try to dip into the pool with all your snorkels and goggles. But after a time, even that begins to be rather boring. So, if you want to have a real blast with water, nothing is better than a water theme park. After all, a water park is where you can have a really good time with your kids.

It is but natural how the water parks have become more famous than the beaches themselves. Look at the case of Dubai. This glitzy and gorgeous city boasts of some of the truly spectacular seaside’s in the world. But when the tourists are looking for a quick respite from heat, they head off to any of the city’s larger-than-life water parks. The water parks provide more entertainment and fun than just the plain beaches and waterfronts.

If you manage to get an aerial view of any big water theme park from a chopper, you would see an almost psychedelic pattern of crazy colors- blue, white, green and yellow. When you actually zoom in, you will find out that these are actually the snake-like tube slides that twist and turn unexpectedly over the large pools and splash-pads. Go for a ride in any one of them. Your pulse will be racing as you slide down in furious pace inside a dark slide, not knowing where and how will you land. Surely, the experience would be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. I can tell you that, if not when will you actually drop in the water!


Yeah, for most water parks, the slides are the main deal. But there are other attractions, which are also worth mentioning. Many water theme parks have what are popularly known as wave pools. These wave pools are almost like the shallow sea waters, where you like to surf with all your skill. But you can now take your surfboards on these waves. You can use all your skills because the wave pools will be as real as the sea waters themselves. And there are also baths and showers which are built rather creatively. Some water parks will also have waterfalls. Slip in under the falls and you will have a real blast with all your kids.

That is not all. Water theme parks are no longer the same as the usual amusement parks. In many famous water parks, whole resorts, hotels and inns have sprouted up. Here, the guests could spend the day splashing around. Then, they could also enjoy all the usual comforts of a good room and good food as well. There are many restaurants, nightclubs and discotheques in such water park resorts. For kids, there are also arcade games. Moreover, most water parks are equipped with first aid facilities. In case of accidental injuries, help will be tended immediately without delay. So, such parks are perfect for a summer outing.