What is a Web Browser

A Web Browser is computer software (set of programs) that allows the user to access webpages when connected to the internet. Web browser also helps in redirecting the user from one website to another and displays the pages for the users. Web browsers are able to make HTTP requests and parse the HTML contents to the users in such a manner that they can understand. It helps a user to interact with HTML documents hosted by Web Servers.

Number of Web Browsers are available (most of them are free of cost) to the users. Not all web browsers are the same but differ in the functionality or the services which they are providing to the users. Most Web Browsers present the user with a flat document that contains text and pictures, according to the HTML page received while other Web browsers may present serial text only. Some of the Web Browsers provides services such as full keyboard and voice control to interact with them without having any use of the mouse. There are special Web Browsers which are designed for people which are physically handicapped or having other disabilities.

Popular browsers available to the users for personal computers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari etc…These includes text based browsers (which only allows seeing text i.e. graphical material is not displayed in it). These all browsers are capable of translating the basic HTML code that allows the users to see images, text videos and listen to audios on websites, along with hyperlinks that let them travel to different web pages. These browsers get in contact with the web server and requests for information. The Web Server receives the information and displays it through the browsers.

The fight to have more and more features within a browser (often termed as Browser War) is always carried out by the companies. This has resulted in the development of newer browser day by day and has benefited the daily users as they are provided with more services and facilities under one hood.

Most of the browsers also feature a toolbar that allows the user to perform various functions such as to bookmark his or her favorite websites, to go back to the previous or home page or to print contents as well which the user likes. The user can also keep a check on the visited websites by traversing through the History option.

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