What Is a Web Portal

Web Portal is a web page which contains the web link in it and is also known as a links page. It has been designed for the purpose of transforming and sharing information to other people. These portals are easily viewed and can be accessed by any one with the help of internet connection. It is very much similar to a standard search engine and offers more services than a search engine like email, or something related to entertainment, horoscopes and many more services.

Web Portals are known for its unique way of informing the people about information that needs to be conveyed to them. Portals are most often the first page which the browsers load when a user gets connected to the internet. The services offered in these portals are well managed and maintained (for e.g. a well-assorted newspaper kiosk that keeps the latest market information about the surfer’s personal activities). Web Portals looks like any other web sites but the user has to log in to gain access to functions and data provided on these.

Many Web Portals can be found out in educational institutions and these web portals keeps on updating the people about the new services that are introduced on a regular basis. At this point of time web portals are very much helpful for the people and helps in providing people with different services. Some of the authorized people had been authorized for the control of the access among many people who are accessing the Web Portals. Some of the examples that support Web Portals are Yahoo, Google, MSN and many others as these all are providing different range of information with the web site.

These are very much useful to the users as they provide the ease of use and friendly application environment to the users and also help the user in trying to avoid surfing hundreds of websites as the services for which the users accesses the websites are made available to these portals and therefore can be accessed at a single place.

The main goal of these portals is to categorize the information so that it can be easier for the users to access these portals and thus helps in preventing the information from getting lost and saves a lot of time of user as well. This is made possible by these portals by gathering a personal profile of user.