What is a Webcam

A webcam is a real time camera which can be used for accessing the real time images on the World Wide Web. It can be connected with the computer with wires or it can be wireless too. It is just a camera and as it is used around the web to access the images from remote place and that too real time images, that is why it is called as a webcam. It is used by most of the people today for various purposes. It can be used for personal, private or business purposes. You can buy a webcam depending upon the need. If it is not for business purpose and is being used for personal reasons then you can buy any kind of webcam with any resolution whichever suits your need but if it would be used for business purposes then you should always buy a good webcam with the best resolution.

The best available resolution is 620*480 and the frame rate is almost always 30 frames per second. So if you are going for any video web conference then it is better to buy a webcam with good resolution otherwise the images will not be so clear. Before going to buy a webcam, you should check the minimum requirements of your system. Most of the webcams will run on windows 98 or above. It would require minimum of 128 MB of RAM on your system to rum properly. You also have to check the USB port on your system. There are two types of ports USB 1.1 ports and USB 2.o ports. USB 2.0 port transfers data faster than USB 1.1 port.

If your system does not meet these minimum requirements, then you will have to upgrade your system in order to use webcam. Webcam can be used in instant messaging too. Yahoo, Skype, Google talk, MSN messenger etc. has added webcam capabilities. Webcam usually have a lens which is used to capture the images. There are various types of lenses available in the market. There are plastic lenses which are adjustable. You can adjust them to set the camera focus. Other lenses are called fixed focus lenses. These lenses are not adjustable. You also need a webcam driver to use webcam on the system. Most of the systems come with already installed webcam drivers. They do not require getting extra drivers. But if your system does not has that particular driver installed then you need to install it manually.

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