What is a Weight Bench

Are you planning to build a home gym all for yourself that would include various weight lifting programs for a vigorous work out? Then the right fitness equipment you should consider is a weight bench. It is one of the strength training equipment which is specially meant to tone the upper body which includes several weight exercises. These exercises help in development of pectoralis major muscles and also its supporting muscles like triceps and deltoids. In the sport of power lifting, bench press is one that is extensively used to develop chest through bodybuilding, weight training and other fitness training exercises.

Weight benches are of various types which offer different kinds of weightlifting exercises. 

  • There are simple horizontal weight benches made of padded seats, where one can just sit on top of it and use dumbbells for strengthening the arms. This constitutes a very effective biceps curls and is also used for other repetitions using weight tools like dumbbells.
  • A generic weight bench is used in lifting a barbell and the weight lifter lies flat on the bench with shoulders rested to create stability while power lifting. The position of the legs has to be flat on the ground with buttocks in contact with the bench and the back arched, mainly to reduce the range of motion. Therefore various grip widths are used to concentrate in working out different parts of the muscles. The user starts the movement by pushing the barbell above the chest against the gravity and brings it down till the chest level at the staring position.
  • There are weight benches available with extensions for legs which could be used for good leg crunches by putting a resistance load onto the legs. This helps for a firm calf muscles and general strengthening of various leg muscles.

Having seen the various uses of a weight bench, it is also necessary to understand the correct ways of using them, failing which could be overloading to your stamina posing various risks. Try and go through these useful suggestions before you begin with your power lifting regime-

  • While doing the biceps curls with overhead lifting, take care to sit upright with the seat adjusted accordingly and try not to arch the back which normally tends to happen with heavier weights. This helps a long way in protecting your back.
  • Always keep your feet rested flat on the ground or bench, depending on your comfort; otherwise you are the risk of landing on an unstable position which could scratch your stomach.
  • Bench press is done in various angles namely with flat bench, inclined and a declined bench. Therefore with the help of a trainer identify the targeted muscle and use the appropriate angle.
  • Avoid overloading with too much weight at a time which could result in possible injuries.

Forget not that your body is also an integrated machine that requires all the parts to properly function well for a long run and thereby try to use an effective diet chart supported with sensible workouts.