What Is a WEP Key

WEP is the abbreviated form of Wired Equivalent Privacy. This is a kind of security service to prevent the messages transmitted within various devices connected in a LAN. LAN network allows all the users of the affiliated computers to see the messages transferred between or among the members included in the same kind of network. But, a WEP key controls that information to be leaked out from the network. Any third person will not be able to get the messages passing internally within the LAN type of internet connection.  This sort of security service works as a code for security in Wi-Fi wireless network. The probability of failure in the designation of an accurate WEP key always enhances 50% more in case of incorrect encryption.

The use of WEP key was prohibited in 2008 by PCI under a part of processing of credit card. This system inhibited the installation of any new system including WEP after March, 2009. Then the technology has been developed by the replacement of this security key with 802.11 technologies bearing dynamic key.

This kind of security key carry outs its function properly by an encrypted code. This code can bear varied no. of digits according to the type of WEP key designed.  This sort of security encryption is based on hexadecimal digit sequencing. The designing of key is based on the demand of the vendor. The requirement and application of WEP key can be conditional as per the need of the vendor. If this security code has to be prepared in 64 bits, it would include 10 digit coding. A 128 bit type of WEP key leads to the encrypted code of 28 digits. Moreover, preparation of an encrypted code of 58 digits is done for the preparation of a 256 bit security code. This designing of security encryption bears the alphabets between ‘a’ to ‘f’ while use of numbers from 0 to 9. These alphabets and numbers are together utilized to form a security key.

A WEP key is selected by network administration. This can be assessed with any wireless device such as router; adapter etc. same type of security key is set in every device of a wireless network in order to allow the devices for the establishment of communication with one another. Various brands of wireless network devices design the security key themselves in order to follow the correct way of generation of WEP keys. This procedure is carried out by a simple text known as passphrase. Many websites allow the availability of generators of WEP key in an automatic manner.

Designing a simple WEP key is an easy process. It can be done by selecting a particular bit length to prepare the key and the respective button is pressed. The manual copy to the clipboard is carried out by ASCII or HEX key. This process can also be done by the copy of clipboard button in the text field of a generated field. A person can also make a WEP key by personal passphrase.