What is a White Paper

White paper is a kind of report that is mainly intended to educate the reader and to make other work easy for writing them. A white paper can be of two types one is a technical paper and the other a marketing paper. The latter white paper is designed to sell the product as well as the company. Technical white papers target more technical audience; it contains more details like technical specifications, data collected from sources and references taken.

There is a lot that goes into writing a white paper be it technical or marketing. Take a glance at what all is included in a white paper.

Define problem: the introduction to any white paper is to define the problem. What is that which is hampering the growth of the business? This introduction should not be more than a page. If the white paper needs to grab the attention of the readers defining of problem should be kept very crisp.

Proof of problem: once the writer has said that there is a underlying problem, he or she should support it with valid proof. The best proof one can give will be in the form of statistics and numbers. Another form of proof for a marketing white paper would be to give charts and graphs as proof to support the problem defined.

Any additional problems: if the writer feels that the initial problem is not enough to draw the attention of the audience then they can they can address any additional problems in this section. But care should be taken that it should also be well supported by proofs, because if this is not done then it might withdraw the attention of the readers.

Initial solution: here the writer should not talk about the product, but give a basic idea about the possible solution. For example if you want to sell your new software the writer must not pen his or her opinion on the company. This will be like taking a diversion from the point what you want to say. Hence talk about only the software and the possible solution to prevent the software from being pirated.

Final solution: after all the efforts made to convince the readers the final solution that the writer provides will be the key for any product. He or she should specifically tell why the customers should opt for their product and services. In this section the writer should also make a call action like noting the website of the company or customer service number. This makes the white paper an interactive tool rather than just reading it like a newspaper.

There are no hard and fast formatting techniques for writing white papers. Usually it consists of about 5 to 10 pages. Some people also call the first section of the white paper as abstract, but these days it has become more precise in calling it defining problem which is very straight forward and up to the point.