What Is a Whole Number

The numbers that start from Zero (0) and goes to infinity is known as the whole numbers. There are many varieties of numbers included in the whole numbers. On a whole, whole numbers can be considered as positive integers. Integers are basically are numbers which include the negative, zero and the positive numbers as a whole. A part of the integer system is the whole numbers which include the zero and the counting numbers. The different types of numbers available in the whole numbers are mentioned below: –

  • Natural numbers
    Natural numbers are those numbers which does not include the number Zero (0). The natural numbers start from 1 and goes up to infinity. These numbers are basically the counting numbers which are used for calculations.
  • Odd numbers
    These numbers are a type of natural numbers which are included in the whole numbers. The numbers which are not divisible by 2 are known as the odd numbers.
  • Even numbers
    These numbers are natural numbers which are a part of the whole numbers. The numbers that are divisible by 2 are known as even numbers.
  • Prime numbers
    Natural numbers which are divisible by 1 and the number itself is known as the prime numbers. The prime numbers are also natural numbers which is a part of the whole numbers. The number 2 is the only prime even natural number that is present in the number system.

The whole numbers can also be referred as positive integers as the numbers start from 0 and goes up to infinity. The number Zero which distinguishes the whole numbers from the natural numbers has a lot of significance in the number system. The number Zero can be called the additive identity for the numbers. Zero helps in easily mentioning the value by placing the zero in the right places of the place order. This number was first coined by Aryabhatta an Indian mathematician and introduced it to the world.

Zero which is a whole number has many applications in various fields of work. In physics Zero is used as a level which distinguishes the physical quantity, when compared to the physical quantity in other levels. In chemistry, the element Tetranuetron has the atomic number Zero given to it. In the field of computer sciences, the number Zero is used as a null pointer in a computer program. This means that the use of Zero in a computer program indicates no function. These are the types of whole numbers and its applications. Whole numbers are the most used numbers in the number system across various fields of work.