What Is a Widow

A widow’s peak is just a hairline which has been distinctively formed at the center of the forehead. A woman with this feature tends to have a V-shaped point of hairline descending the forehead. Such a hairline irregularity is believed to be due to a lower-than-usual position juncture of the bilateral periorbital fields of hair growth suppression. Therefore the suppression could be smaller than usual or spaced widely. Men with the similar feature are said to have a widower’s peak. One can clearly see this hairline when stood in front of the mirror and the hair is pulled away from the forehead.

Fallacy accompanied to widow’s peak

Widow’s peak has always been associated with a false notion since centuries that a woman with this feature is said to have an early widowhood wherein the woman is believed to outlive her husband. Rather it is considered an omen. This is because the feature suggests the peak of a widow’s hood or a mourning cap .But on the other hand this superstition could be related to the fact that in ageing process the hairline tends to recede making a peak in the center of the forehead and look like a widow’s peak, though the person actually doesn’t have one. There are also myths attached to it that the feature could be a sign of sexual competency.

Is this feature hereditary?

Widow’s peak is a dominant trait of inheritance. It cannot skip generations and is determined by the genetics. Therefore if one of the parents possesses the feature there are 50% chances of imparting the same to their children and naturally with both the parents carrying the characteristic the probability increases to 100%.

How to make your widow’s peak your beauty asset?

Though this feature is not widely preferred, one has to handle it after having possessed it naturally. Here are few tips to make it work.

  • Consider it as your unique feature and choose hairstyles that would focus on your face shape in overall be it square, oval, heart or round.
  • Avoid going for hair removal ideas especially shaving. You can still consider tweezing.
  • Rounded curls give a nice soft effect.
  • The hairstyles chosen should focus on giving volume not around the temples but around the jaw line.
  • Soft, swoop, sharp bangs work very well for a widow’s peak giving a stylish effect.

Finally check out some celebrities who are born with this feature and yet made it distinctively a cool feature.

  • Leonardo dicaprio
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Sandra bullock
  • John Travolta
  • Keanu Reeves