What is a Wireless Router

Router is needed to link several computers together into a network. It is a type of networking equipment. These are used for interconnection among computers within the network and also allow sharing of other resources.

A wireless router is a router with a wireless interface and has the utilities of a wireless access point (WAP). It act as the gateway to the internet or a local computer network without opting for any wired connection although it works the same as wired one. It can work in a number of ways which can be a cabled LAN (local area network) or only wireless network or a combination of both.

Characteristics of a Wireless Router are:

LAN ports –works exactly similar to the ports on a network switch. WAN port – It connects to wider area network. Wireless antennae – The antennae allows the router to link up with other wireless devices for communication.

A wireless router could be a regular IP router with an 802.11 interface card and antenna or it could be a router specifically designed for wireless use. Most wireless routers act as firewalls, switches and provide Network Address Translation (NAT).

There are many attacks through routers which the users should handle and secure their integrity and confidentiality. Certain measures should be taken to handle these attacks. These measures are:

Wireless encryption:

In order to protect your data from outsiders, the data should be encrypted in such a way that nobody else can read it. When selecting an encryption the user have to choose between WEP and WPA. WEP was the encryption scheme included with the first generation of wireless networking equipment. It is very easy to crack and contain several vulnerabilities. So it is not very much safe.

Unnamed connection:

Unnamed connection works in a completely different way.In this, the ID or the name of the connection is not displayed. So a hacker will not only have to figure out only an encrypted password but they will also have to figure out the name so that they can connect to it which makes it more secured.

Mac Authentication:

Mac Authentication is the process of selecting what devices are allowed to connect to the router and for that the mac address of the computer is registered into the router’s software.

Before buying a wireless router the following components are considered:

Speed Ratings Warranties Compatibility with Network Adapters Size and Style Cost and Budget

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