What is a WWAN

WWAN stands for Wireless Wide Area Network. It is a type of service through which the users can gain access to the internet connectivity through cellular technology. It is a wireless computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area. The users can use the network without being connected through a cable. Many companies also offer these services on a monthly basis or charging according to the usage of the users.

WWAN can be used with both, mobile phones or can also be connected to laptops. The only requirement can be a WWAN card to be assembled in laptop for accessing internet. One advantage it adds is that it can be used anytime and the speed of the network is also faster as it works on Strength Capacity.

Majority of people today are being connected to wireless technology as it is easily accessible and requires no hardware installation thus saves time and money as well. Coverage of a large range of area adds to the benefits for the users. A person from far away too can have access to this network. Now- a- days WWAN is freely available in malls, hotels, airports etc…

WWAN connection can be built by a person on its own and the network can keep on providing its signals to others as well. WWAN is also secured as the encryption technique used in it is better as compared to that of WLAN (which is also used to access internet). Mobile broadband networking also takes place in WWAN (known as 3G of 4G network).

Wireless Wide Area Network is preferred by the users who are not at their homes and want to get connected to the internet. People can also harness their businesses with the cost-savings opportunity of WWAN by connecting multiple remote offices to the same WWAN. This helps in saving the monthly costs of the hardware that are no longer needed. Thousands of dollars can be saved depending upon the scale of business a person is running.

The cellular networks powering Wireless Wide Area Networking comprises many different implementations. Fundamentally, they fall into two protocols:

      GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication       CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

WWAN is commonly available in regions where services like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable might not be or are not widely used.

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