What is Abnormal Psychology

Before understanding abnormal psychology, we need to understand the meaning of the word ‘Abnormal’. Every society has its rules of conduct and when a person breaks these rules, it is said to be as abnormal. But what is abnormal for one individual can be normal for another person.  So abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology which deals with the abnormal behaviors of people. It is also an interested subject to study for the students who want to take this field as a course in their school. When you are dealing with the abnormal psychology then you need to understand the distinction between normal and abnormal. You need to understand the root cause behind the abnormal behavior of person which is disturbing him. To understand and in order to treat the psychological disorders, we have different areas like:

  • Behavioral Approach: it is an approach which deals with observing the behaviors of people. It does not take the underlying causes behind the mental disorders.
  • Medical Approach: it is an approach which deals with the recognizing the root cause behind the mental illness of the patient and treating it.
  • Cognitive Approach: it is an approach which deals with observing the thoughts and perceptions of the patient that are contributing in his/her mental disorders.

Psychological disorders are of many types. These include:

  • Mood disorders: these disorders include extreme change in the mood.
  • Eating disorders: these disorders include overeating, under eating and other eating related disorders.
  • Cognitive disorders: these disorders are caused due to a head injury.
  • Adjustment disorders: these disorders include resisting to the change of any kind.
  • Sleep disorders: these disorders include insomnia, narcolepsy etc.
  • Personality disorders: these disorders disturb a person’s day to day life due to the stress.
  • Sexual disorders: in this, person finds difficulty in the sexual functioning.

Other disorders are anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, substance related disorders, developmental disorders. Psychologists have also developed a guide that is called Diagnostic and Statistical Manual in which changing the attitudes of people are illustrated. People can go to the doctors for the treatment of their mental problems and doctors can take help from this guide to recognize and treating their problems. Mental disorders can be treated properly if proper medical attention is taken. If you would not seek the medical attention for your mental problem, then the problem can get worse. If the mental illness is impairing your normal life then medical attention is advised. DSM has a lot of detailed information on each and every mental disorder mentioned above which can help the doctors effectively.