What is Abortion

The current times are some of the most happening times of the world. This is because women, who are frequently suppressed in our society, have been given the freedom to do what they want to do. However, often, a question lingers when a woman decides to go in for abortion. Abortion is often eluded as a quick escape from maternal or even paternal responsibilities. In many countries, the growing trend of abortions has helped to maintain a stable population level. In other countries, the abortions have been eluded as the main cause behind the low or imbalanced sex ratio. So, abortion is something that should be properly understood before any opinions can be made on whether it is legitimate or not.

Often, abortion is not the choice for many women. It so happens that such women, enthusiastic on raising children of their own, would fall prey to some major accidents or any other catastrophe. Or there could be some other pre-natal factors like maternal health or even diet and inhibitions. These would contribute to what is generally known as an involuntary abortion. However, there are also many who opt for what is known as the much-preferred option of the voluntary abortion. While it is normally done by many surgical procedures and methods, there are some other ways to abort the unborn fetus before it develops into a full-grown child. Let’s know more about these techniques and how they work.

There are some complex procedures which are used for the abortion procedure. There are two methods which use air vacuum. They are Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) and Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). In both the techniques, a vacuum or air suction is applied by the doctors and physicians. With the action of the forceful vacuum, the embryo tissue is methodically removed from the body. In EVA, the embryo is removed with the use of an electric-powered vacuum tube. The MVA procedure makes use of the syringes to remove the embryo tissue from the woman’s body. So, abortion can be done in any one of these surgical procedures and methods, both electrically and manually.

There are some other techniques, which are used in abortion. One of them is that of dilation and curettage. In this procedure, the instrument called a curette is used to remove or extract out the embryo tissue from the walls of the woman’s uterus. The cervix is first dilated or slightly opened. Of late, the use of curettes has declined and it is now replaced with the latest innovation of medicine known as laproscopy. In the laproscopic procedure, the telescopic rod lens system is inserted into the organs on which the surgical procedures are to be performed. This makes the surgery more easy and handy for doctors. It enables them to see each and every part of the organ and carry out the procedure with only a few and required incisions and cuts successfully.

Abortion is the technique of removal of the half-formed foetus or the embryo from the mother’s womb. The abortion of the foetus may happen because of sudden accidents. Such an abortion is called as a miscarriage. There are complicated surgeries to carry out a voluntary abortion. While some of the methods may involve use of air suction or vacuum, of late, there are better and more effortless ways to carry out abortions.