What is Acid Reflux

Reflux in simple terms means to come back. The term acid reflux is used for the instance when the acid from the stomach in a human body comes back to the esophagus. The esophagus is a small pipe like thing between the stomach and the pharynx. This acid reflux causes a lot of pain and discomfort in the esophagus. In layman language acid reflux is also called heartburn. This name is given because there is a burning sensation when the acid flows backwards to the esophagus.

Generally the flow back of the acid can happen to any person who is healthy. But if it happens too often say more than twice a week then that person could be suffering from acid reflux disease. It is often accompanied by chest pains and heartburn. It is not a very serious disease and may not last too long if treated properly. The treatment of acid reflux does not require medication. But if prevention is not taken it may re occur again.

The reasons of acid reflux can be many. Having a heavy meal and lying down right after that can be one of the reasons. Having a snack just before bed time can also be another reason. Over eating and obesity are the most common reasons that lead to acid reflux. Eating stuff that might not suit a person such as citrus fruits, onions, mint are certain things that can cause acid reflux. These things might not affect everybody. It will differ from person to person.

Certain other reasons such as drinking alcohol or smoking can also cause acid reflux. It is often seen in pregnant women as well. Sometimes taking medicines such as those of blood pressure may also cause acid reflux. All these are simple things that can be taken care of in the day to day activities. A little care as to what one eats can help prevention of acid reflux.

The most common symptoms of acid reflux are heartburn and chest pain. This is often accompanied by a bitter or a sour taste in the mouth. An acute level of acid reflux can cause bloody vomiting, blood in the stool or black stool. Food becomes difficult to digest as the esophagus shrinks. There is pain in swallowing food. This can accompany by hiccups and coughs. At times it can cause weight loss.

If the symptoms last for a long period of time medication should be taken with a doctors consultation. Though not very big disease it can trouble a patient if it occurs and re occurs too often. The best way to avoid it is to eat healthy.