What is Acidosis

Acidosis is the medical condition when pH of human blood falls below 7.35. It causes several deadly diseases in the long run but it can be avoided by taking certain measures.

When the balance of acid base that exists in blood plasma is disturbed due to excess acidity, you can call it is acidosis. In other words, you can call a medical condition as acidosis when pH of blood falls below 7.35. Acidosis is not to be confused with alkalosis because alkalosis is the medical condition when your pH exceeds 7.45. Both are totally different things and both have different consequences so one should not confuse with each other because it can cause severe problems. If you are not able o understand whether you are having acidosis or alkalosis then you must consult a doctor and should never go for medicines without being prescribed because it can make your body worse.

Acidosis is the main cause of aging in recent days. According to modern science, food that we consume consists of 99% carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen and only 1% is composed of minerals. Hence, the waste produced from food is very acidic and can lead to aging. Waste is released from our body in the form of sweat and urine but 100% waste cannot be released. So the wastes that are not released from our body keep circulating in our blood. These wastes harm human cells and as the results these cells becomes inactive in reproduction. This causes aging and it is also a major reason for diseases in the later age of human.

Many deadly diseases of the world today are the result of acidosis. Acidosis is one of the major problems of human body which we don’t understand and don’t give much importance. We can manage acidosis if we take several measures but no one spends much time for doing so. As the result people suffer from diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, kidney stone and kidney ailment, chronic constipation and gout. Most of the people of underdeveloped countries are not aware of acidosis and when they come to know about it, it’s too late to save a patient who is suffering from these diseases.

The best thing which you can do to avoid acidosis is consume alkaline water. Single drop of normal water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen but alkaline water consists of more oxygen and less hydrogen. So when you drink alkaline water acid in the blood gets more soluble in blood and larger proportion of acid is released in the form of sweat and urine. So if you can’t go for expensive treatments then you can simply drink large quantity of alkaline water regularly to avoid acidosis.

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