What is Acitretin

Acitretin is commercially known as soriatane. It is a chemical compound that s used in medicines. It is a retinoid which means that it is similar to vitamin A. it is taken orally and is used for the treatment of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated disease that appears on the skin. There are different types of psoriasis and symptoms for each type are different.

Acitretin can harm an unborn baby or causes birth defects. So, pregnant women should avoid the use of Acitretin. Pregnancy related confirmation should be done if you are using Acitretin. The person who is using Acitretin should not donate his blood because it can cause birth-defects if it is given to pregnant women. Till three years after stopping the usage of Acitretin the blood should not be donated. Alcohol should be avoided by the user of Acitretin. Because alcohol convert Acitretin into another substance which is harmful for our body.

Some patients found that initially with the use of Acitretin their condition gets worse and later on it was improved. So, the effect of Acitretin can be late and it may take full two to three months to see the full benefits of Acitretin.

Retinoid is not approved for children because it can result into bone, ligament and tendon problems in children who will restrict their growth. So, if any doctor has recommended retinoid to a child then its serious side-effects should be properly discussed.

There has been no research regarding risk to unborn baby if the traces of this medication are found in semen of male patient.

Avoid using this medication if following symptoms appear.

Yellowing of eyes or skin.

Dark urine. Stomach pain. Fatigue. Headache. Nausea. Vomiting.

The side-effects of this medication are redness, itching, dry eyes, eye irritation, and increased sensitivity to sunlight, peeling of the skin of fingertips, decreased night-vision, aches and pain in the bones or joints.

If any person is suffering from liver, heart diseases, diabetes then he/she should tell his/her doctor or pharmacist. This medication may make a person more sensitive to the sun. avoid prolonged exposure to sun if you are using this.

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