What is Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin. Most of the teens suffer from this disease. It is caused when pores in our skin become clogged. Some other factors which also play an important role in acne are:

  • Dirt
  • Heredity
  • Bad food habits
  • Stress
  • Hormonal activity
  • Skin scratching of any kind
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Hot humid weather
  • Chronic constipation

One should always try to avoid all these factors which play a role in acne as prevention is better than cure. To prevent acne, one should follow these steps:

  • Wash face with a good cleanser at least twice a day. It would keep the dirt away and prevent the clogging of the pores but don’t over wash.
  • Take healthy diet. It would strengthen the protection against the bacteria causing acne.
  • Lack of sleep also causes acne. So take proper sleep as our body needs time to repair itself.
  • Poor hygiene is also a cause of acne. So take proper care of the facial skin. Don’t sleep with the makeup on.
  • Use good quality products for the skin. Poor quality products will spoil the skin.
  • A simple way to prevent from acne is to drink plenty of water. It would flush toxins out of the body.
  • Moisturize the skin to get a clean and glowing face.
  • Maintain an exercise routine. It would increase blood circulation in the body as well as oxygen penetration of the skin cells which would in turn prevent the clogging of the skin pores.
  • Remove the blackheads regularly.
  • Reduce the oiliness of the skin.
  • Avoid oily food.
  • Avoid make up.

Despite of all these precautions, acne can breakout. Once you have acne you should seek acne treatment early. Home remedies would be the best treatment in order to get rid of acne. Some of the home remedies for acne treatment are:

  • Don’t touch or squeeze the pimples as it would leave marks on your face and it would also cause more pimples on the skin.
  • Apply honey mask as honey as antibacterial properties. It is also very gentle on the skin.
  • Aloe Vera juice can also be applied on acne.
  • Boric Acid is also very effective on the pimples.
  • Applying ripe tomato or cucumber pulp will also help to get rid of the pimples.
  • Neem leaves can also be used on pimples. Boil neem leave in water and then apply that water on the face with cotton.
  • Apply mint juice everyday to prevent acne.
  • Mix lime juice in rose water and apply is daily all over the face.
  • Apply juice of raw papaya on pimples.
  • The paste of sandalwood and rose water would also be effective.

What Causes Acne

Acne is a skin disease that commonly occurs on face, neck, back, shoulders. It is not a chronic ailment but obviously can affect your beauty. It is concerned with oil glands of the skin. If you check out the biological make up of our skin, the skin has pores that are stretched over oil glands. These oil glands produce sebum an oily liquid that carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of your skin. Acne is caused when the follicles are unable to come up on the skin surface, through pores. This ultimately results in skin infection causing entire to get affected by the disease.

Varieties of pimples

  • White heads: whiteheads are very minute, and they remain under the skin. It is a short term, and can be cured very easily.
  • Black heads: unlike white heads, black heads are clearly visible. They appear on the surface of skin. Most of the time people are mistaken with the fact that it is caused due to dirt. This is a reason, that after rubbing them vigorously, they do not go.
  • Papules: this is pinkish one, which form small bumps and appear on the skin.
  • Pustules: these pimples are a little painful one. They are usually red at its base and develop some pus at the top of the acne.
  • Nobules: Nobules are really ugly and painful ones. These are large and solid ones appear as a very prominent on your skin. To add, it is comparatively more painful and embedded deep into the skin pores.
  • Cysts: this is one of the critical conditions; they are painful and filled with pus. It can easily leave permanent scars on the skin.

In the studies, it has been revealed that almost seventy five percent of people who suffer from acne are in the age group of 11-30. However, there are few who suffers in fifties also. The figure, of people is very large in comparison to other ailments. The exact cause of acne has never been found. Sometimes suffers from it for a longer period. You can say that young men develop the higher quantity of testosterone, due more sebum is produced in oil glands. Finally, they have through for a quite long time. There are other factors too, that can lead to acne. Acne could be more susceptible in the genetic cases. People who use medications, containing androgen and lithium are prone to acne. If you use greasy cosmetic, or the products that can enhance the bacterial growth, acne may take you in clutch. Pregnant women, can even develop acne. Since they go through many hormonal changes, therefore, they can get acne.

How to manage with them

  • You can start with, washing your face twice a day. Don’t start washing it frequently. Use very mild soap and warm water. It is advised to use the lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide.
  • If you in a rush of getting pimples off, please do not try to burst them, it can cause serious infection. It can bring more redness and swelling of bumps and you will be left with scars.

What Causes Adult Acne

Hormone related issues are the major concern in most of the cases of adult acne. The exact reason for the problem is unidentified under most of the circumstances. There is not any absolute possible cause that is found so far in the field of medicine for the adult acne. Raise in the number of resistant bacteria could be detrimental and lead to adult acne issues.

Premenstrual flares could be a cause in some of the women out there. In such a case you can find a lot of acne growth to arise around the chin and the mouth arena of the individual. Similarly, stress could be a factor in some cases. Usage of cosmetics of certain kind could cause allergies and side effects for adult acne to occur. Likewise, the possible causes could be plenty.

Trying to stay clean all the time and occupying yourselves in a clean and tidy environment most of the time, could mitigate the issue to a certain level. Drinking lots of water as much as possible as a daily routine paves way for greater immune system to fight against such problems. It is not only good to combat adult acne but good for the overall health of the individual. Continuous such practice could do wonders in individuals. Benzyl peroxide the wide known acne cure is good enough for adult acne also just like the one in the case of the teens. The manner in which you apply the chemical to enable a complete cleaning is what that assures your success.

Almost three fourth of the people who are affected by the adult acne issues are purely women, while the rest is just men who acquire adult acne for variety of reasons. The reasons in the case of women are too much though. Secondarily, if you consider an affected individual, the acne will just not be facial under majority of the circumstances. It would be in other parts of their body as well. Statistics reveal all these above facts and there is not any change in this nature from so many years now.

There are hardly quite a few that could have passed on without any zit or a couple on their faces. It could occur at any age and not necessarily in the twenties. When it happens after the twenties, thirties or forties and beyond, it could be just because of the recurrence. As years passes on and on the dermatologists find more and more patients that are affected by adult acnes problems, rather than the diminishing ration out of treatments. An article in a prominent journal that is published internationally has mentioned a statement in its 2004 issue stating that the post adolescent acne issues has sharply increased in the communities.

The treatments are being given to patients even all until their mid forties. It lasts quite longer. Struggling with acne these affected individuals find it really hard to cope up to get a permanent depressed feel in their minds. Adult acne is a major reason for the social anxiety in an individual just like similar to that of the teenagers.

What Causes Back Acne

Acne is one of the upsetting skin disorder which everyone wants to avoid but it is bound to happen on our face especially as the sign of maturation. Acne in the form of pimple on face is expected but acne on the back is anticipated by anyone. However, it can happen to anyone if we don’t take care of our skin. It happens to people who have to work in extreme hot temperature or those who perspire a lot but there are many causes as well.

Chief causes of back acne

Heat and friction– Acne caused by heat or friction is called athletic acne as most athletes usually experience such acnes. It is fundamental cause of back acne and can happen to people who either perspire a lot or work in hot and humid climate. Back acne is a drawback of every high intensity sport such as football. A football player always experiences back acne even if he is playing in a extreme cold weather. A football player have to endure back acne especially on he back of their shoulder. The reason behind such back acne is friction as the players have to constantly use their shoulder in the game.

Hereditary– Yes, acne in any form is genetic in nature. According to some sources, scientist have proved that acne is hereditary and a child can inherit acne from his mother or father.

Hormonal– When a man or woman hit puberty there is sudden change in their hormonal activity. The androgen is men and estrogen in female causes enlargement of follicular gland which results in accretion of more sebum. Sebum is like a catalyst which accelerates acne growth. As said earlier, acne is the sign of maturation but back acne is sign of over secretion of male and female sex hormone.

Stress– Human psychology plays an important role in the growth of acne especially body acne. It has been proved that stress increases the secretion of sebum especially from the sebaceous glands.

Food intake and regime– Food intake is another important cause of back acne. Food intake is not directly responsible for the emergence of back acne but it plays a crucial role in the growth of back acne. Consumption of glycemic diet directly affects the growth of body acne and accelerates its growth.

Contagious– Yes, back acne is contagious and can spread with touch. Anaerobic bacteria are renowned to cause acne. Staphylococcus epidermidis is another microscopic specie which is causes bacteria. A touch can allow these microscopic organism to spread from one person to another, especially in the case of back acne. Hence, make sure you keep a distance from some one who has back acne.

So, these were some chief causes of back acne and you must keep these points in mind in order to avoid back acne.

Back acne is one of horrendous skin disorders that one can get. It is not easy to avoid as there are lot of causes of back acne which are unavoidable and bound to happen. Some chief causes are diet, hereditary, hormonal, contagious, and psychological pressure.

How Can I Get Rid of Acne

Acne is one of the acute problems faced by the youngsters. It is a hormonal imbalance known as testosterone. This hormone is particularly responsible for sprouting of bodily hair. The hormone commands the sebum glands to produce the oily stuff, which ultimately blocks the tubes inside the skin holds hair. This ultimately appears as acne.

Here are some of the tips of getting rid of acne

  • If you are developing the red and big acne, do not touch it. If you think as if by squeezing the same, you would be able to get rid of acne, then it is wrong. It will result in worst case. Moreover, acnes will redder and more sprouted.
  • However, if the acne has yellow top, you can squeeze them to take out the suppressed the contents. Nevertheless, you will have to some precautions. Before, touching acne, the first important thing is that you need to wash your hand. This will prohibit further trouble and infection. The best way of doing it, is to put tissues over your fingers, so that it does not get splurge over your face. Now use the thumb and the end of the finger and start to squeeze it gently. To add, the use of nails is completely restricted because it can damage your skin. After apply a bit of pressure around acne, if result is zero then stop it immediately, since it result in bleeding and infection. While finishing with the same do not forget to put an antiseptic on it.
  • In the case of premiere stage, like if you have developed whiteheads or blackheads, in the case of blackheads, you can squeeze them slightly, but make sure that it does not bleed off. Whiteheads should be left alone without much disturbance.

Tips for the resolution of the acne problem

  • It’s a common myth among the people is that acne is caused by the dirt and pollution, especially if it is a case of blackheads. However, in fact, acne is never by dirt; therefore do not wash your face hundred times. Most of us thinks that if we oily skin, then there are likely have more acne, but this is not true. Person with oily skin have cleaner skin in comparison to people who have dry skin. Moreover, if wash your plethora of times, it will make your skin dry and sore, resulting in the worst case of acne. You can only wash for a couple of times with mild soap and Luke warm water. If you have the oily and patchy skin you can apply a little of moisturizer, and still if you are afraid of using such, then you can also go for oil free moisturizer.
  • Healthy living style is also one of the greatest remedies of getting rid of acne. You advised to drink a lot of water, have ample exercises, have a proper sleep, and most urgently reduce the stress level. Your taking care of physical health will definitely improve the skin health.

    These are some basic techniques of getting rid of acne.