What is ADD

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is term that is related to human psychology is now being applied to anyone who meets the criteria of DSM IV for hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. The criteria of diagnostic is subjective and this criteria include behavior that might be affect of  different factors like allergies, giftedness or serious issues like brain defects as well. Due this variety of diagnostic criteria, ADD is now being described as highly subjective, nothing specific. There is always a controversy regarding the fact that anybody who is diagnosed as an ADD is supposed to have a few irreparable and mysterious brain effects. However, the last few years of research on ADD admit the fact that such people can also be victim of attention deficit disorder who doesn’t have any kind of brain effects at all.

How to detect ADD:

If you want to know that whether a person is victim of ADD or not you can try these simple yet effective ways.

  • The most easy way to test an ADD affected person is to ask him or her a few questions and then to notice the changes in their eyes. However, you should not go for tough questions. Try to ask simple questions and you will get better result from the test.
  • The movements of the eyes of that particular person should be noticed carefully. If the person can answer all your questions with patience and without showing any abnormality in eye movements, then you can be sure that he or she is not a victim of ADD

Causes of Add:

Even after long research on attention deficit disorder scientists and medical experts are yet not sure what cause this disorder. However, they have been able to detect a few general reasons that may result in ADD.

  • A few scientific evidence admit the fact that this disorder get transmitted from one person to another genetically
  • In case of a few people, attention deficit disorder can be a result of certain neurotransmitters deficiency or chemical disparity as well.

Signs of ADD:

A person who is a victim of ADD will face difficulties in following different instructions. He or she will start losing important things frequently that they need to complete regular tasks. Their approach to work will be quite disorganized and they will not be able to organize them easily even after being notified. The most important symptom of ADD is that the person looks drowsy and sluggish for most of the time. He or she will also appear unmotivated and apathetic to do their daily jobs

As ADD, basically is a brain disorder that affects ones brain, it may create negative impact on every aspects of that person’s life. If one doesn’t go for proper treatment from the very beginning, this disorder may interrupt his or her self-esteem, personal and professional relationship and academic carrier as well.